Cloud Workstations container output logging

This page describes Cloud Workstations container output logs generated by individual workstations.


Standard container output logs and standard container error logs generated by the workstation container are sent to Cloud Logging for monitoring and debugging.

To view container output logs for a particular workstation:

  1. Ensure that your configuration specifies a service account that has the Logs Writer role (roles/logging.logWriter) and Monitoring Metric Writer (roles/monitoring.metricWriter) on your project.
  2. Start a workstation.
  3. Check the Cloud Workstations platform logs to determine the ID of the virtual machine (VM) that the workstation was assigned to.
  4. To view container logs for this workstation, navigate to the Logs Explorer and update the query to the following:

    resource.type="gce_instance" resource.labels.instance_id=INSTANCE_ID

    Replace INSTANCE_ID with the instance_id that appears in the platform logs from the previous step.

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