Set up DNS and DHCP services in private cloud

Applications and workloads running in a private cloud environment require name resolution and DHCP services for lookup and IP address assignment. A proper DHCP and DNS infrastructure is required to provide these services. You can configure your private cloud NSX-T to provide DHCP and DNS service or set up a virtual machine (VM) to provide these services in your private cloud environment.

To set up DNS and DHCP services using NSX-T:

Before you begin

  • Set up connectivity to your on-premises network by using private service access or set up an internet connection for your private cloud to use internet-based DNS servers.

  • Use a virtual machine template or ISO to create a VM.

Linux-based DNS server setup

Linux offers various packages for setting up DNS servers. For information about setting up an open-source BIND DNS server, see How To Configure BIND as a Private Network DNS Server on CentOS 7.

Windows-based setup

For information about DNS and DHCP in the Microsoft server environment, see the following pages:

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