Quotas and Limits

This document contains current content limits and request quotas for the Vision API Product Search. This page will be updated to reflect any changes to these restrictions and usage limits.

Content limits

The Vision API Product Search enforces the following usage limits:

Content Limit Value
Image file size 20 MB
JSON request object size 10 MB
Images per request 16

Base64-encoded images may exceed the JSON size limit, even if they are within the image file size limit. Larger images should be hosted on Cloud Storage or at a publicly-accessible URL. Note that base64-encoded images can have a larger file size than the original image file (usually about 37% larger).

Request quotas

The current API usage quotas for the Vision API Product Search are as follows (and are subject to change):

General request quotas
Query requests per minute 1,800
Resource management requests per minute (*see exception below) 2,400 total
Images per feature per month No limit
Maximum number of product sets a product can belong to 5
Request quotas per method
* Resource management requests per minute (CreateReferenceImage requests) max 1,200 of 2,400 total
ImportProductSets requests per day 120

These limits apply to each Google Cloud console project and are shared across all applications and IP addresses using that project.

Lower quotas can be set per user in the Google Cloud console.

Quota increases

You can edit your quotas up to their maximum values by selecting EDIT QUOTAS from the Quotas page of the Google Cloud console page. To request an increase above the maximum quota, edit your quota with your requested increase and justification and submit your update. You will be notified when your request has been received. You might be contacted for more information regarding your request. After your request has been reviewed, you will be notified whether it has been approved or denied.