Live Object tracking

The Cloud Video Intelligence Streaming API supports live object detection and tracking with live streaming input of multimedia data, and real-time streaming output of analysis results.

The following configuration JSON object shows how to use AIStreamer live object tracking to annotate a streaming video.

    "video_config": {
        "feature": "STREAMING_OBJECT_TRACKING"

The AIStreamer returns a response similar to the following example.

Reading response.
Entity description: mirror
Track Id: 12
Entity id: /m/054_l
Confidence: 0.936193287373
Time offset of the first frame: 7.5075s
Bounding box position:
    left  : 0.0509275756776
    top   : 0.748813211918
    right : 0.218115285039
    bottom: 0.979368686676
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