Supported voices and languages

Text-to-Speech provides the following voices. The list includes Neural2, Studio, Standard, and WaveNet voices. Studio, Neural2 and WaveNet voices are higher quality voices with different pricing; in the list, they have the voice type 'Neural2', 'Studio' or 'WaveNet'.

To use these voices to create synthetic speech, see how to create synthetic voice audio.

Language Voice type Language code Voice name SSML Gender Sample
Afrikaans (South Africa) Standard af-ZA af-ZA-Standard-A FEMALE
Arabic Standard ar-XA ar-XA-Standard-A FEMALE
Arabic Standard ar-XA ar-XA-Standard-B MALE
Arabic Standard ar-XA ar-XA-Standard-C MALE
Arabic Standard ar-XA ar-XA-Standard-D FEMALE
Arabic WaveNet ar-XA ar-XA-Wavenet-A FEMALE
Arabic WaveNet ar-XA ar-XA-Wavenet-B MALE
Arabic WaveNet ar-XA ar-XA-Wavenet-C MALE
Arabic WaveNet ar-XA ar-XA-Wavenet-D FEMALE
Basque (Spain) Standard eu-ES eu-ES-Standard-A FEMALE
Bengali (India) Standard bn-IN bn-IN-Standard-A FEMALE
Bengali (India) Standard bn-IN bn-IN-Standard-B MALE
Bengali (India) Standard bn-IN bn-IN-Standard-C FEMALE
Bengali (India) Standard bn-IN bn-IN-Standard-D MALE
Bengali (India) WaveNet bn-IN bn-IN-Wavenet-A FEMALE
Bengali (India) WaveNet bn-IN bn-IN-Wavenet-B MALE
Bengali (India) WaveNet bn-IN bn-IN-Wavenet-C FEMALE
Bengali (India) WaveNet bn-IN bn-IN-Wavenet-D MALE
Bulgarian (Bulgaria) Standard bg-BG bg-BG-Standard-A FEMALE
Catalan (Spain) Standard ca-ES ca-ES-Standard-A FEMALE
Chinese (Hong Kong) Standard yue-HK yue-HK-Standard-A FEMALE
Chinese (Hong Kong) Standard yue-HK yue-HK-Standard-B MALE
Chinese (Hong Kong) Standard yue-HK yue-HK-Standard-C FEMALE
Chinese (Hong Kong) Standard yue-HK yue-HK-Standard-D MALE
Czech (Czech Republic) Standard cs-CZ cs-CZ-Standard-A FEMALE
Czech (Czech Republic) WaveNet cs-CZ cs-CZ-Wavenet-A FEMALE
Danish (Denmark) Neural2 da-DK da-DK-Neural2-D FEMALE
Danish (Denmark) Standard da-DK da-DK-Standard-A FEMALE
Danish (Denmark) Standard da-DK da-DK-Standard-C MALE
Danish (Denmark) Standard da-DK da-DK-Standard-D FEMALE
Danish (Denmark) Standard da-DK da-DK-Standard-E FEMALE
Danish (Denmark) WaveNet da-DK da-DK-Wavenet-A FEMALE
Danish (Denmark) WaveNet da-DK da-DK-Wavenet-C MALE
Danish (Denmark) WaveNet da-DK da-DK-Wavenet-D FEMALE
Danish (Denmark) WaveNet da-DK da-DK-Wavenet-E FEMALE
Dutch (Belgium) Standard nl-BE nl-BE-Standard-A FEMALE
Dutch (Belgium) Standard nl-BE nl-BE-Standard-B MALE
Dutch (Belgium) WaveNet nl-BE nl-BE-Wavenet-A FEMALE
Dutch (Belgium) WaveNet nl-BE nl-BE-Wavenet-B MALE
Dutch (Netherlands) Standard nl-NL nl-NL-Standard-A FEMALE
Dutch (Netherlands) Standard nl-NL nl-NL-Standard-B MALE
Dutch (Netherlands) Standard nl-NL nl-NL-Standard-C MALE
Dutch (Netherlands) Standard nl-NL nl-NL-Standard-D FEMALE
Dutch (Netherlands) Standard nl-NL nl-NL-Standard-E FEMALE
Dutch (Netherlands) WaveNet nl-NL nl-NL-Wavenet-A FEMALE
Dutch (Netherlands) WaveNet nl-NL nl-NL-Wavenet-B MALE
Dutch (Netherlands) WaveNet nl-NL nl-NL-Wavenet-C MALE
Dutch (Netherlands) WaveNet nl-NL nl-NL-Wavenet-D FEMALE
Dutch (Netherlands) WaveNet nl-NL nl-NL-Wavenet-E FEMALE
English (Australia) Neural2 en-AU en-AU-Neural2-A FEMALE
English (Australia) Neural2 en-AU en-AU-Neural2-B MALE
English (Australia) Neural2 en-AU en-AU-Neural2-C FEMALE
English (Australia) Neural2 en-AU en-AU-Neural2-D MALE
English (Australia) WaveNet en-AU en-AU-News-E FEMALE
English (Australia) WaveNet en-AU en-AU-News-F FEMALE
English (Australia) WaveNet en-AU en-AU-News-G MALE
English (Australia) Standard en-AU en-AU-Polyglot-1 MALE
English (Australia) Standard en-AU en-AU-Standard-A FEMALE
English (Australia) Standard en-AU en-AU-Standard-B MALE
English (Australia) Standard en-AU en-AU-Standard-C FEMALE
English (Australia) Standard en-AU en-AU-Standard-D MALE
English (Australia) WaveNet en-AU en-AU-Wavenet-A FEMALE
English (Australia) WaveNet en-AU en-AU-Wavenet-B MALE
English (Australia) WaveNet en-AU en-AU-Wavenet-C FEMALE
English (Australia) WaveNet en-AU en-AU-Wavenet-D MALE
English (India) Neural2 en-IN en-IN-Neural2-A FEMALE
English (India) Neural2 en-IN en-IN-Neural2-B MALE
English (India) Neural2 en-IN en-IN-Neural2-C MALE
English (India) Neural2 en-IN en-IN-Neural2-D FEMALE
English (India) Standard en-IN en-IN-Standard-A FEMALE
English (India) Standard en-IN en-IN-Standard-B MALE
English (India) Standard en-IN en-IN-Standard-C MALE
English (India) Standard en-IN en-IN-Standard-D FEMALE
English (India) WaveNet en-IN en-IN-Wavenet-A FEMALE
English (India) WaveNet en-IN en-IN-Wavenet-B MALE
English (India) WaveNet en-IN en-IN-Wavenet-C MALE
English (India) WaveNet en-IN en-IN-Wavenet-D FEMALE
English (UK) Neural2 en-GB en-GB-Neural2-A FEMALE
English (UK) Neural2 en-GB en-GB-Neural2-B MALE
English (UK) Neural2 en-GB en-GB-Neural2-C FEMALE
English (UK) Neural2 en-GB en-GB-Neural2-D MALE
English (UK) Neural2 en-GB en-GB-Neural2-F FEMALE
English (UK) WaveNet en-GB en-GB-News-G FEMALE
English (UK) WaveNet en-GB en-GB-News-H FEMALE
English (UK) WaveNet en-GB en-GB-News-I FEMALE
English (UK) WaveNet en-GB en-GB-News-J MALE
English (UK) WaveNet en-GB en-GB-News-K MALE
English (UK) WaveNet en-GB en-GB-News-L MALE
English (UK) WaveNet en-GB en-GB-News-M MALE
English (UK) Standard en-GB en-GB-Standard-A FEMALE
English (UK) Standard en-GB en-GB-Standard-B MALE
English (UK) Standard en-GB en-GB-Standard-C FEMALE
English (UK) Standard en-GB en-GB-Standard-D MALE
English (UK) Standard en-GB en-GB-Standard-F FEMALE
English (UK) Studio en-GB en-GB-Studio-B MALE
English (UK) Studio en-GB en-GB-Studio-C FEMALE
English (UK) WaveNet en-GB en-GB-Wavenet-A FEMALE
English (UK) WaveNet en-GB en-GB-Wavenet-B MALE
English (UK) WaveNet en-GB en-GB-Wavenet-C FEMALE
English (UK) WaveNet en-GB en-GB-Wavenet-D MALE
English (UK) WaveNet en-GB en-GB-Wavenet-F FEMALE
English (US) Standard en-US en-US-Casual-K MALE
English (US) Standard en-US en-US-Journey-D MALE
English (US) Standard en-US en-US-Journey-F FEMALE
English (US) Neural2 en-US en-US-Neural2-A MALE
English (US) Neural2 en-US en-US-Neural2-C FEMALE
English (US) Neural2 en-US en-US-Neural2-D MALE
English (US) Neural2 en-US en-US-Neural2-E FEMALE
English (US) Neural2 en-US en-US-Neural2-F FEMALE
English (US) Neural2 en-US en-US-Neural2-G FEMALE
English (US) Neural2 en-US en-US-Neural2-H FEMALE
English (US) Neural2 en-US en-US-Neural2-I MALE
English (US) Neural2 en-US en-US-Neural2-J MALE
English (US) WaveNet en-US en-US-News-K FEMALE
English (US) WaveNet en-US en-US-News-L FEMALE
English (US) WaveNet en-US en-US-News-N MALE
English (US) Standard en-US en-US-Polyglot-1 MALE
English (US) Standard en-US en-US-Standard-A MALE
English (US) Standard en-US en-US-Standard-B MALE
English (US) Standard en-US en-US-Standard-C FEMALE
English (US) Standard en-US en-US-Standard-D MALE
English (US) Standard en-US en-US-Standard-E FEMALE
English (US) Standard en-US en-US-Standard-F FEMALE
English (US) Standard en-US en-US-Standard-G FEMALE
English (US) Standard en-US en-US-Standard-H FEMALE
English (US) Standard en-US en-US-Standard-I MALE
English (US) Standard en-US en-US-Standard-J MALE
English (US) Studio en-US en-US-Studio-O FEMALE
English (US) Studio en-US en-US-Studio-Q MALE
English (US) WaveNet en-US en-US-Wavenet-A MALE
English (US) WaveNet en-US en-US-Wavenet-B MALE
English (US) WaveNet en-US en-US-Wavenet-C FEMALE
English (US) WaveNet en-US en-US-Wavenet-D MALE
English (US) WaveNet en-US en-US-Wavenet-E FEMALE
English (US) WaveNet en-US en-US-Wavenet-F FEMALE
English (US) WaveNet en-US en-US-Wavenet-G FEMALE
English (US) WaveNet en-US en-US-Wavenet-H FEMALE
English (US) WaveNet en-US en-US-Wavenet-I MALE
English (US) WaveNet en-US en-US-Wavenet-J MALE
Filipino (Philippines) Standard fil-PH fil-PH-Standard-A FEMALE
Filipino (Philippines) Standard fil-PH fil-PH-Standard-B FEMALE
Filipino (Philippines) Standard fil-PH fil-PH-Standard-C MALE
Filipino (Philippines) Standard fil-PH fil-PH-Standard-D MALE
Filipino (Philippines) WaveNet fil-PH fil-PH-Wavenet-A FEMALE
Filipino (Philippines) WaveNet fil-PH fil-PH-Wavenet-B FEMALE
Filipino (Philippines) WaveNet fil-PH fil-PH-Wavenet-C MALE
Filipino (Philippines) WaveNet fil-PH fil-PH-Wavenet-D MALE
Filipino (Philippines) Neural2 fil-PH fil-ph-Neural2-A FEMALE
Filipino (Philippines) Neural2 fil-PH fil-ph-Neural2-D MALE
Finnish (Finland) Standard fi-FI fi-FI-Standard-A FEMALE
Finnish (Finland) WaveNet fi-FI fi-FI-Wavenet-A FEMALE
French (Canada) Neural2 fr-CA fr-CA-Neural2-A FEMALE
French (Canada) Neural2 fr-CA fr-CA-Neural2-B MALE
French (Canada) Neural2 fr-CA fr-CA-Neural2-C FEMALE
French (Canada) Neural2 fr-CA fr-CA-Neural2-D MALE
French (Canada) Standard fr-CA fr-CA-Standard-A FEMALE
French (Canada) Standard fr-CA fr-CA-Standard-B MALE
French (Canada) Standard fr-CA fr-CA-Standard-C FEMALE
French (Canada) Standard fr-CA fr-CA-Standard-D MALE
French (Canada) WaveNet fr-CA fr-CA-Wavenet-A FEMALE
French (Canada) WaveNet fr-CA fr-CA-Wavenet-B MALE
French (Canada) WaveNet fr-CA fr-CA-Wavenet-C FEMALE
French (Canada) WaveNet fr-CA fr-CA-Wavenet-D MALE
French (France) Neural2 fr-FR fr-FR-Neural2-A FEMALE
French (France) Neural2 fr-FR fr-FR-Neural2-B MALE
French (France) Neural2 fr-FR fr-FR-Neural2-C FEMALE
French (France) Neural2 fr-FR fr-FR-Neural2-D MALE
French (France) Neural2 fr-FR fr-FR-Neural2-E FEMALE
French (France) Standard fr-FR fr-FR-Polyglot-1 MALE
French (France) Standard fr-FR fr-FR-Standard-A FEMALE
French (France) Standard fr-FR fr-FR-Standard-B MALE
French (France) Standard fr-FR fr-FR-Standard-C FEMALE
French (France) Standard fr-FR fr-FR-Standard-D MALE
French (France) Standard fr-FR fr-FR-Standard-E FEMALE
French (France) Studio fr-FR fr-FR-Studio-A FEMALE
French (France) Studio fr-FR fr-FR-Studio-D MALE
French (France) WaveNet fr-FR fr-FR-Wavenet-A FEMALE
French (France) WaveNet fr-FR fr-FR-Wavenet-B MALE
French (France) WaveNet fr-FR fr-FR-Wavenet-C FEMALE
French (France) WaveNet fr-FR fr-FR-Wavenet-D MALE
French (France) WaveNet fr-FR fr-FR-Wavenet-E FEMALE
Galician (Spain) Standard gl-ES gl-ES-Standard-A FEMALE
German (Germany) Neural2 de-DE de-DE-Neural2-A FEMALE
German (Germany) Neural2 de-DE de-DE-Neural2-B MALE
German (Germany) Neural2 de-DE de-DE-Neural2-C FEMALE
German (Germany) Neural2 de-DE de-DE-Neural2-D MALE
German (Germany) Neural2 de-DE de-DE-Neural2-F FEMALE
German (Germany) Standard de-DE de-DE-Polyglot-1 MALE
German (Germany) Standard de-DE de-DE-Standard-A FEMALE
German (Germany) Standard de-DE de-DE-Standard-B MALE
German (Germany) Standard de-DE de-DE-Standard-C FEMALE
German (Germany) Standard de-DE de-DE-Standard-D MALE
German (Germany) Standard de-DE de-DE-Standard-E MALE
German (Germany) Standard de-DE de-DE-Standard-F FEMALE
German (Germany) Studio de-DE de-DE-Studio-B MALE
German (Germany) Studio de-DE de-DE-Studio-C FEMALE
German (Germany) WaveNet de-DE de-DE-Wavenet-A FEMALE
German (Germany) WaveNet de-DE de-DE-Wavenet-B MALE
German (Germany) WaveNet de-DE de-DE-Wavenet-C FEMALE
German (Germany) WaveNet de-DE de-DE-Wavenet-D MALE
German (Germany) WaveNet de-DE de-DE-Wavenet-E MALE
German (Germany) WaveNet de-DE de-DE-Wavenet-F FEMALE
Greek (Greece) Standard el-GR el-GR-Standard-A FEMALE
Greek (Greece) WaveNet el-GR el-GR-Wavenet-A FEMALE
Gujarati (India) Standard gu-IN gu-IN-Standard-A FEMALE
Gujarati (India) Standard gu-IN gu-IN-Standard-B MALE
Gujarati (India) WaveNet gu-IN gu-IN-Wavenet-A FEMALE
Gujarati (India) WaveNet gu-IN gu-IN-Wavenet-B MALE
Hebrew (Israel) Standard he-IL he-IL-Standard-A FEMALE
Hebrew (Israel) Standard he-IL he-IL-Standard-B MALE
Hebrew (Israel) Standard he-IL he-IL-Standard-C FEMALE
Hebrew (Israel) Standard he-IL he-IL-Standard-D MALE
Hebrew (Israel) WaveNet he-IL he-IL-Wavenet-A FEMALE
Hebrew (Israel) WaveNet he-IL he-IL-Wavenet-B MALE
Hebrew (Israel) WaveNet he-IL he-IL-Wavenet-C FEMALE
Hebrew (Israel) WaveNet he-IL he-IL-Wavenet-D MALE
Hindi (India) Neural2 hi-IN hi-IN-Neural2-A FEMALE
Hindi (India) Neural2 hi-IN hi-IN-Neural2-B MALE
Hindi (India) Neural2 hi-IN hi-IN-Neural2-C MALE
Hindi (India) Neural2 hi-IN hi-IN-Neural2-D FEMALE
Hindi (India) Standard hi-IN hi-IN-Standard-A FEMALE
Hindi (India) Standard hi-IN hi-IN-Standard-B MALE
Hindi (India) Standard hi-IN hi-IN-Standard-C MALE
Hindi (India) Standard hi-IN hi-IN-Standard-D FEMALE
Hindi (India) WaveNet hi-IN hi-IN-Wavenet-A FEMALE
Hindi (India) WaveNet hi-IN hi-IN-Wavenet-B MALE
Hindi (India) WaveNet hi-IN hi-IN-Wavenet-C MALE
Hindi (India) WaveNet hi-IN hi-IN-Wavenet-D FEMALE
Hungarian (Hungary) Standard hu-HU hu-HU-Standard-A FEMALE
Hungarian (Hungary) WaveNet hu-HU hu-HU-Wavenet-A FEMALE
Icelandic (Iceland) Standard is-IS is-IS-Standard-A FEMALE
Indonesian (Indonesia) Standard id-ID id-ID-Standard-A FEMALE
Indonesian (Indonesia) Standard id-ID id-ID-Standard-B MALE
Indonesian (Indonesia) Standard id-ID id-ID-Standard-C MALE
Indonesian (Indonesia) Standard id-ID id-ID-Standard-D FEMALE
Indonesian (Indonesia) WaveNet id-ID id-ID-Wavenet-A FEMALE
Indonesian (Indonesia) WaveNet id-ID id-ID-Wavenet-B MALE
Indonesian (Indonesia) WaveNet id-ID id-ID-Wavenet-C MALE
Indonesian (Indonesia) WaveNet id-ID id-ID-Wavenet-D FEMALE
Italian (Italy) Neural2 it-IT it-IT-Neural2-A FEMALE
Italian (Italy) Neural2 it-IT it-IT-Neural2-C MALE
Italian (Italy) Standard it-IT it-IT-Standard-A FEMALE
Italian (Italy) Standard it-IT it-IT-Standard-B FEMALE
Italian (Italy) Standard it-IT it-IT-Standard-C MALE
Italian (Italy) Standard it-IT it-IT-Standard-D MALE
Italian (Italy) WaveNet it-IT it-IT-Wavenet-A FEMALE
Italian (Italy) WaveNet it-IT it-IT-Wavenet-B FEMALE
Italian (Italy) WaveNet it-IT it-IT-Wavenet-C MALE
Italian (Italy) WaveNet it-IT it-IT-Wavenet-D MALE
Japanese (Japan) Neural2 ja-JP ja-JP-Neural2-B FEMALE
Japanese (Japan) Neural2 ja-JP ja-JP-Neural2-C MALE
Japanese (Japan) Neural2 ja-JP ja-JP-Neural2-D MALE
Japanese (Japan) Standard ja-JP ja-JP-Standard-A FEMALE
Japanese (Japan) Standard ja-JP ja-JP-Standard-B FEMALE
Japanese (Japan) Standard ja-JP ja-JP-Standard-C MALE
Japanese (Japan) Standard ja-JP ja-JP-Standard-D MALE
Japanese (Japan) WaveNet ja-JP ja-JP-Wavenet-A FEMALE
Japanese (Japan) WaveNet ja-JP ja-JP-Wavenet-B FEMALE
Japanese (Japan) WaveNet ja-JP ja-JP-Wavenet-C MALE
Japanese (Japan) WaveNet ja-JP ja-JP-Wavenet-D MALE
Kannada (India) Standard kn-IN kn-IN-Standard-A FEMALE
Kannada (India) Standard kn-IN kn-IN-Standard-B MALE
Kannada (India) Standard kn-IN kn-IN-Standard-C FEMALE
Kannada (India) Standard kn-IN kn-IN-Standard-D MALE
Kannada (India) WaveNet kn-IN kn-IN-Wavenet-A FEMALE
Kannada (India) WaveNet kn-IN kn-IN-Wavenet-B MALE
Kannada (India) WaveNet kn-IN kn-IN-Wavenet-C FEMALE
Kannada (India) WaveNet kn-IN kn-IN-Wavenet-D MALE
Korean (South Korea) Neural2 ko-KR ko-KR-Neural2-A FEMALE
Korean (South Korea) Neural2 ko-KR ko-KR-Neural2-B FEMALE
Korean (South Korea) Neural2 ko-KR ko-KR-Neural2-C MALE
Korean (South Korea) Standard ko-KR ko-KR-Standard-A FEMALE
Korean (South Korea) Standard ko-KR ko-KR-Standard-B FEMALE
Korean (South Korea) Standard ko-KR ko-KR-Standard-C MALE
Korean (South Korea) Standard ko-KR ko-KR-Standard-D MALE
Korean (South Korea) WaveNet ko-KR ko-KR-Wavenet-A FEMALE
Korean (South Korea) WaveNet ko-KR ko-KR-Wavenet-B FEMALE
Korean (South Korea) WaveNet ko-KR ko-KR-Wavenet-C MALE
Korean (South Korea) WaveNet ko-KR ko-KR-Wavenet-D MALE
Latvian (Latvia) Standard lv-LV lv-LV-Standard-A MALE
Lithuanian (Lithuania) Standard lt-LT lt-LT-Standard-A MALE
Malay (Malaysia) Standard ms-MY ms-MY-Standard-A FEMALE
Malay (Malaysia) Standard ms-MY ms-MY-Standard-B MALE
Malay (Malaysia) Standard ms-MY ms-MY-Standard-C FEMALE
Malay (Malaysia) Standard ms-MY ms-MY-Standard-D MALE
Malay (Malaysia) WaveNet ms-MY ms-MY-Wavenet-A FEMALE
Malay (Malaysia) WaveNet ms-MY ms-MY-Wavenet-B MALE
Malay (Malaysia) WaveNet ms-MY ms-MY-Wavenet-C FEMALE
Malay (Malaysia) WaveNet ms-MY ms-MY-Wavenet-D MALE
Malayalam (India) Standard ml-IN ml-IN-Standard-A FEMALE
Malayalam (India) Standard ml-IN ml-IN-Standard-B MALE
Malayalam (India) WaveNet ml-IN ml-IN-Wavenet-A FEMALE
Malayalam (India) WaveNet ml-IN ml-IN-Wavenet-B MALE
Malayalam (India) WaveNet ml-IN ml-IN-Wavenet-C FEMALE
Malayalam (India) WaveNet ml-IN ml-IN-Wavenet-D MALE
Mandarin Chinese Standard cmn-CN cmn-CN-Standard-A FEMALE
Mandarin Chinese Standard cmn-CN cmn-CN-Standard-B MALE
Mandarin Chinese Standard cmn-CN cmn-CN-Standard-C MALE
Mandarin Chinese Standard cmn-CN cmn-CN-Standard-D FEMALE
Mandarin Chinese WaveNet cmn-CN cmn-CN-Wavenet-A FEMALE
Mandarin Chinese WaveNet cmn-CN cmn-CN-Wavenet-B MALE
Mandarin Chinese WaveNet cmn-CN cmn-CN-Wavenet-C MALE
Mandarin Chinese WaveNet cmn-CN cmn-CN-Wavenet-D FEMALE
Mandarin Chinese Standard cmn-TW cmn-TW-Standard-A FEMALE
Mandarin Chinese Standard cmn-TW cmn-TW-Standard-B MALE
Mandarin Chinese Standard cmn-TW cmn-TW-Standard-C MALE
Mandarin Chinese WaveNet cmn-TW cmn-TW-Wavenet-A FEMALE
Mandarin Chinese WaveNet cmn-TW cmn-TW-Wavenet-B MALE
Mandarin Chinese WaveNet cmn-TW cmn-TW-Wavenet-C MALE
Marathi (India) Standard mr-IN mr-IN-Standard-A FEMALE
Marathi (India) Standard mr-IN mr-IN-Standard-B MALE
Marathi (India) Standard mr-IN mr-IN-Standard-C FEMALE
Marathi (India) WaveNet mr-IN mr-IN-Wavenet-A FEMALE
Marathi (India) WaveNet mr-IN mr-IN-Wavenet-B MALE
Marathi (India) WaveNet mr-IN mr-IN-Wavenet-C FEMALE
Norwegian (Norway) Standard nb-NO nb-NO-Standard-A FEMALE
Norwegian (Norway) Standard nb-NO nb-NO-Standard-B MALE
Norwegian (Norway) Standard nb-NO nb-NO-Standard-C FEMALE
Norwegian (Norway) Standard nb-NO nb-NO-Standard-D MALE
Norwegian (Norway) Standard nb-NO nb-NO-Standard-E FEMALE
Norwegian (Norway) WaveNet nb-NO nb-NO-Wavenet-A FEMALE
Norwegian (Norway) WaveNet nb-NO nb-NO-Wavenet-B MALE
Norwegian (Norway) WaveNet nb-NO nb-NO-Wavenet-C FEMALE
Norwegian (Norway) WaveNet nb-NO nb-NO-Wavenet-D MALE
Norwegian (Norway) WaveNet nb-NO nb-NO-Wavenet-E FEMALE
Polish (Poland) Standard pl-PL pl-PL-Standard-A FEMALE
Polish (Poland) Standard pl-PL pl-PL-Standard-B MALE
Polish (Poland) Standard pl-PL pl-PL-Standard-C MALE
Polish (Poland) Standard pl-PL pl-PL-Standard-D FEMALE
Polish (Poland) Standard pl-PL pl-PL-Standard-E FEMALE
Polish (Poland) WaveNet pl-PL pl-PL-Wavenet-A FEMALE
Polish (Poland) WaveNet pl-PL pl-PL-Wavenet-B MALE
Polish (Poland) WaveNet pl-PL pl-PL-Wavenet-C MALE
Polish (Poland) WaveNet pl-PL pl-PL-Wavenet-D FEMALE
Polish (Poland) WaveNet pl-PL pl-PL-Wavenet-E FEMALE
Portuguese (Brazil) Neural2 pt-BR pt-BR-Neural2-A FEMALE
Portuguese (Brazil) Neural2 pt-BR pt-BR-Neural2-B MALE
Portuguese (Brazil) Neural2 pt-BR pt-BR-Neural2-C FEMALE
Portuguese (Brazil) Standard pt-BR pt-BR-Standard-A FEMALE
Portuguese (Brazil) Standard pt-BR pt-BR-Standard-B MALE
Portuguese (Brazil) Standard pt-BR pt-BR-Standard-C FEMALE
Portuguese (Brazil) WaveNet pt-BR pt-BR-Wavenet-A FEMALE
Portuguese (Brazil) WaveNet pt-BR pt-BR-Wavenet-B MALE
Portuguese (Brazil) WaveNet pt-BR pt-BR-Wavenet-C FEMALE
Portuguese (Portugal) Standard pt-PT pt-PT-Standard-A FEMALE
Portuguese (Portugal) Standard pt-PT pt-PT-Standard-B MALE
Portuguese (Portugal) Standard pt-PT pt-PT-Standard-C MALE
Portuguese (Portugal) Standard pt-PT pt-PT-Standard-D FEMALE
Portuguese (Portugal) WaveNet pt-PT pt-PT-Wavenet-A FEMALE
Portuguese (Portugal) WaveNet pt-PT pt-PT-Wavenet-B MALE
Portuguese (Portugal) WaveNet pt-PT pt-PT-Wavenet-C MALE
Portuguese (Portugal) WaveNet pt-PT pt-PT-Wavenet-D FEMALE
Punjabi (India) Standard pa-IN pa-IN-Standard-A FEMALE
Punjabi (India) Standard pa-IN pa-IN-Standard-B MALE
Punjabi (India) Standard pa-IN pa-IN-Standard-C FEMALE
Punjabi (India) Standard pa-IN pa-IN-Standard-D MALE
Punjabi (India) WaveNet pa-IN pa-IN-Wavenet-A FEMALE
Punjabi (India) WaveNet pa-IN pa-IN-Wavenet-B MALE
Punjabi (India) WaveNet pa-IN pa-IN-Wavenet-C FEMALE
Punjabi (India) WaveNet pa-IN pa-IN-Wavenet-D MALE
Romanian (Romania) Standard ro-RO ro-RO-Standard-A FEMALE
Romanian (Romania) WaveNet ro-RO ro-RO-Wavenet-A FEMALE
Russian (Russia) Standard ru-RU ru-RU-Standard-A FEMALE
Russian (Russia) Standard ru-RU ru-RU-Standard-B MALE
Russian (Russia) Standard ru-RU ru-RU-Standard-C FEMALE
Russian (Russia) Standard ru-RU ru-RU-Standard-D MALE
Russian (Russia) Standard ru-RU ru-RU-Standard-E FEMALE
Russian (Russia) WaveNet ru-RU ru-RU-Wavenet-A FEMALE
Russian (Russia) WaveNet ru-RU ru-RU-Wavenet-B MALE
Russian (Russia) WaveNet ru-RU ru-RU-Wavenet-C FEMALE
Russian (Russia) WaveNet ru-RU ru-RU-Wavenet-D MALE
Russian (Russia) WaveNet ru-RU ru-RU-Wavenet-E FEMALE
Serbian (Cyrillic) Standard sr-RS sr-RS-Standard-A FEMALE
Slovak (Slovakia) Standard sk-SK sk-SK-Standard-A FEMALE
Slovak (Slovakia) WaveNet sk-SK sk-SK-Wavenet-A FEMALE
Spanish (Spain) Neural2 es-ES es-ES-Neural2-A FEMALE
Spanish (Spain) Neural2 es-ES es-ES-Neural2-B MALE
Spanish (Spain) Neural2 es-ES es-ES-Neural2-C FEMALE
Spanish (Spain) Neural2 es-ES es-ES-Neural2-D FEMALE
Spanish (Spain) Neural2 es-ES es-ES-Neural2-E FEMALE
Spanish (Spain) Neural2 es-ES es-ES-Neural2-F MALE
Spanish (Spain) Standard es-ES es-ES-Polyglot-1 MALE
Spanish (Spain) Standard es-ES es-ES-Standard-A FEMALE
Spanish (Spain) Standard es-ES es-ES-Standard-B MALE
Spanish (Spain) Standard es-ES es-ES-Standard-C FEMALE
Spanish (Spain) Standard es-ES es-ES-Standard-D FEMALE
Spanish (Spain) WaveNet es-ES es-ES-Wavenet-B MALE
Spanish (Spain) WaveNet es-ES es-ES-Wavenet-C FEMALE
Spanish (Spain) WaveNet es-ES es-ES-Wavenet-D FEMALE
Spanish (US) Neural2 es-US es-US-Neural2-A FEMALE
Spanish (US) Neural2 es-US es-US-Neural2-B MALE
Spanish (US) Neural2 es-US es-US-Neural2-C MALE
Spanish (US) WaveNet es-US es-US-News-D MALE
Spanish (US) WaveNet es-US es-US-News-E MALE
Spanish (US) WaveNet es-US es-US-News-F FEMALE
Spanish (US) WaveNet es-US es-US-News-G FEMALE
Spanish (US) Standard es-US es-US-Polyglot-1 MALE
Spanish (US) Standard es-US es-US-Standard-A FEMALE
Spanish (US) Standard es-US es-US-Standard-B MALE
Spanish (US) Standard es-US es-US-Standard-C MALE
Spanish (US) Studio es-US es-US-Studio-B MALE
Spanish (US) WaveNet es-US es-US-Wavenet-A FEMALE
Spanish (US) WaveNet es-US es-US-Wavenet-B MALE
Spanish (US) WaveNet es-US es-US-Wavenet-C MALE
Swedish (Sweden) Standard sv-SE sv-SE-Standard-A FEMALE
Swedish (Sweden) Standard sv-SE sv-SE-Standard-B FEMALE
Swedish (Sweden) Standard sv-SE sv-SE-Standard-C FEMALE
Swedish (Sweden) Standard sv-SE sv-SE-Standard-D MALE
Swedish (Sweden) Standard sv-SE sv-SE-Standard-E MALE
Swedish (Sweden) WaveNet sv-SE sv-SE-Wavenet-A FEMALE
Swedish (Sweden) WaveNet sv-SE sv-SE-Wavenet-B FEMALE
Swedish (Sweden) WaveNet sv-SE sv-SE-Wavenet-C MALE
Swedish (Sweden) WaveNet sv-SE sv-SE-Wavenet-D FEMALE
Swedish (Sweden) WaveNet sv-SE sv-SE-Wavenet-E MALE
Tamil (India) Standard ta-IN ta-IN-Standard-A FEMALE
Tamil (India) Standard ta-IN ta-IN-Standard-B MALE
Tamil (India) Standard ta-IN ta-IN-Standard-C FEMALE
Tamil (India) Standard ta-IN ta-IN-Standard-D MALE
Tamil (India) WaveNet ta-IN ta-IN-Wavenet-A FEMALE
Tamil (India) WaveNet ta-IN ta-IN-Wavenet-B MALE
Tamil (India) WaveNet ta-IN ta-IN-Wavenet-C FEMALE
Tamil (India) WaveNet ta-IN ta-IN-Wavenet-D MALE
Telugu (India) Standard te-IN te-IN-Standard-A FEMALE
Telugu (India) Standard te-IN te-IN-Standard-B MALE
Thai (Thailand) Neural2 th-TH th-TH-Neural2-C FEMALE
Thai (Thailand) Standard th-TH th-TH-Standard-A FEMALE
Turkish (Turkey) Standard tr-TR tr-TR-Standard-A FEMALE
Turkish (Turkey) Standard tr-TR tr-TR-Standard-B MALE
Turkish (Turkey) Standard tr-TR tr-TR-Standard-C FEMALE
Turkish (Turkey) Standard tr-TR tr-TR-Standard-D FEMALE
Turkish (Turkey) Standard tr-TR tr-TR-Standard-E MALE
Turkish (Turkey) WaveNet tr-TR tr-TR-Wavenet-A FEMALE
Turkish (Turkey) WaveNet tr-TR tr-TR-Wavenet-B MALE
Turkish (Turkey) WaveNet tr-TR tr-TR-Wavenet-C FEMALE
Turkish (Turkey) WaveNet tr-TR tr-TR-Wavenet-D FEMALE
Turkish (Turkey) WaveNet tr-TR tr-TR-Wavenet-E MALE
Ukrainian (Ukraine) Standard uk-UA uk-UA-Standard-A FEMALE
Ukrainian (Ukraine) WaveNet uk-UA uk-UA-Wavenet-A FEMALE
Vietnamese (Vietnam) Neural2 vi-VN vi-VN-Neural2-A FEMALE
Vietnamese (Vietnam) Neural2 vi-VN vi-VN-Neural2-D MALE
Vietnamese (Vietnam) Standard vi-VN vi-VN-Standard-A FEMALE
Vietnamese (Vietnam) Standard vi-VN vi-VN-Standard-B MALE
Vietnamese (Vietnam) Standard vi-VN vi-VN-Standard-C FEMALE
Vietnamese (Vietnam) Standard vi-VN vi-VN-Standard-D MALE
Vietnamese (Vietnam) WaveNet vi-VN vi-VN-Wavenet-A FEMALE
Vietnamese (Vietnam) WaveNet vi-VN vi-VN-Wavenet-B MALE
Vietnamese (Vietnam) WaveNet vi-VN vi-VN-Wavenet-C FEMALE
Vietnamese (Vietnam) WaveNet vi-VN vi-VN-Wavenet-D MALE