An enum that represents the type of search filters to apply during a job search. This field can also be used to specify the filter criteria of the histogram search call.

SEARCH_TYPE_UNSPECIFIED The default value if search type is not specified.
COMPANY_ID Filter by the [company id][distributorCompanyId] field.
EMPLOYMENT_TYPE Filter by the employment type field, such as FULL_TIME or PART_TIME.
COMPANY_SIZE Filter by the company size type field, such as BIG, SMALL or BIGGER.
DATE_PUBLISHED Filter by the date published field. Possible return values are: * PAST_24_HOURS (The past 24 hours) * PAST_3_DAYS (The past 3 days) * PAST_WEEK (The past 7 days) * PAST_MONTH (The past 30 days) * PAST_YEAR (The past 365 days)
EDUCATION_LEVEL Filter by the required education level of the job.
EXPERIENCE_LEVEL Filter by the required experience level of the job.
ADMIN_1 Filter by Admin1, which is a global placeholder for referring to state, province, or the particular term a country uses to define the geographic structure below the country level. Examples include states codes such as "CA", "IL", "NY", and provinces, such as "BC".
COUNTRY Filter by the country code of job, such as US, JP, FR.
CITY Filter by the "city name", "Admin1 code", for example, "Mountain View, CA" or "New York, NY".

Filter by the locale field of a job, such as "en-US", "fr-FR".

This is the BCP-47 language code, such as "en-US" or "sr-Latn". For more information, see Tags for Identifying Languages.

LANGUAGE Filter by the language code portion of the locale field, such as "en" or "fr".
CATEGORY Filter by the [Category][].
CITY_COORDINATE Filter by the city center GPS coordinate (latitude and longitude), for example, 37.4038522,-122.0987765. Since the coordinates of a city center can change, clients may need to refresh them periodically.
ADMIN_1_COUNTRY A combination of state or province code with a country code. This field differs from JOB_ADMIN1, which can be used in multiple countries.
COMPANY_DISPLAY_NAME Company display name.
BASE_COMPENSATION_UNIT Base compensation unit.