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Sometimes, it's not clear what you need to do. Maybe you need a book recommendation. Maybe you don't know whether it's down for you or everybody else. Talk to other users. And to Googlers. We'll get you going.

Compute Discussion Announcements
App Engine google-appengine  
Compute Engine gce-discussion  
Velostrata google-cloud-velostrata-discuss  
Google Kubernetes Engine kubernetes-users
Storage Discussion Announcements
Cloud Filestore google-cloud-filestore-discuss google-cloud-filestore-announce
Cloud Storage   gs-announce
Databases Discussion Announcements
Cloud Bigtable google-cloud-bigtable-discuss google-cloud-bigtable-announce
Cloud Datastore gcd-discuss  
Cloud Memorystore google-cloud-memorystore-discuss google-cloud-memorystore-annouce
Cloud SQL google-cloud-sql-discuss google-cloud-sql-announce
Networking Discussion  
Cloud DNS cloud-dns-discuss  
Big Data Discussion  
BigQuery reddit.com/r/bigquery  
Cloud Dataproc cloud-dataproc-discuss  
Cloud Pub/Sub cloud-pubsub-discuss  
AI & Machine Learning Discussion  
Cloud Natural Language cloud-nl-discuss  
Cloud Speech-to-Text cloud-speech-discuss  
Cloud Text-to-Speech cloud-speech-discuss  
Cloud Translation google-translate-api  
Cloud Video Intelligence cloud-videointel-discuss  
Cloud AutoML Vision cloud-vision-discuss  
Dialogflow dialogflow-enterprise-edition-users  
Security Discussion  
Identity Platform google-cicp-discussion  
Developer Tools Discussion  
General google-cloud-dev  
Cloud Endpoints google-cloud-endpoints  
Cloud SDK google-cloud-sdk-announce  
Stackdriver google-stackdriver-discussion  
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