Get an object's KMS key name

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Get a resource's KMS key name that's used to encrypt an object.

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Code sample


For more information, see the Cloud Storage C++ API reference documentation.

namespace gcs = ::google::cloud::storage;
using ::google::cloud::StatusOr;
[](gcs::Client client, std::string const& bucket_name,
   std::string const& object_name) {
  StatusOr<gcs::ObjectMetadata> metadata =
      client.GetObjectMetadata(bucket_name, object_name);
  if (!metadata) throw std::move(metadata).status();

  std::cout << "KMS key on object " << metadata->name() << " in bucket "
            << metadata->bucket() << ": " << metadata->kms_key_name() << "\n";


For more information, see the Cloud Storage PHP API reference documentation.

use Google\Cloud\Storage\StorageClient;

 * Retrieve the KMS key of an object.
 * @param string $bucketName The name of your Cloud Storage bucket.
 *        (e.g. 'my-bucket')
 * @param string $objectName The name of your object in the bucket.
 *        (e.g. 'my-object')
function object_get_kms_key(string $bucketName, string $objectName): void
    $storage = new StorageClient();
    $bucket = $storage->bucket($bucketName);
    $object = $bucket->object($objectName);
    $info = $object->info();

        'The KMS key of the object is %s' . PHP_EOL,


For more information, see the Cloud Storage Python API reference documentation.

from import storage

def object_get_kms_key(bucket_name, blob_name):
    """Retrieve the KMS key of a blob"""
    # bucket_name = "your-bucket-name"
    # blob_name = "your-object-name"

    storage_client = storage.Client()

    bucket = storage_client.bucket(bucket_name)
    blob = bucket.get_blob(blob_name)

    kms_key = blob.kms_key_name

    print(f"The KMS key of a blob is {blob.kms_key_name}")
    return kms_key

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