Google Cloud SQL Support

If you have questions about how to use or manage Cloud SQL, try the following:

If you are still stuck, post your question to either Stack Overflow (using the google-cloud-sql tag) or google-cloud-sql-discuss. As a rule of thumb, you should Use Stack Overflow for specific technical questions, and use the discussion group for all other questions, like recommendations for getting started with Cloud SQL or help figuring out if you need to file a bug report or feature request.

When posting your question, provide:

  • A description of your problem, including any error messages.
  • The operation you attempted, for example, an admin operation or query.
  • The time and date (including timezone) you encountered the problem.
  • The tool or library that you use to interact with Cloud SQL.
  • A code sample, if applicable and possible.

Support Packages

If you would like more comprehensive support, including 24x7 phone access to our support team and technical consultation, use one of the Google Cloud Platform Support Packages.


To receive announcements about Cloud SQL, join the google-cloud-sql-announce group. Subscribe via email with or via the web at Google Groups Cloud SQL announce.

Service interruptions that affect all users will be communicated via the Google Groups Cloud SQL announce group above. Issues affecting individual users will be communicated to the project owner's email address as listed in the Google Cloud Platform Console.

Billing and Account Questions

If you have questions regarding your account, billing, Terms Of Service, or other administration questions, please visit the Cloud Billing Help Center.

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