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SQLAlchemy를 사용하여 PostgreSQL용 Cloud SQL에 대한 연결을 열고 닫기 위해 SQL INSERT 문을 실행합니다.

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코드 샘플


# Preparing a statement before hand can help protect against injections.
stmt = sqlalchemy.text(
    "INSERT INTO votes (time_cast, candidate)"
    " VALUES (:time_cast, :candidate)"
    # Using a with statement ensures that the connection is always released
    # back into the pool at the end of statement (even if an error occurs)
    with db.connect() as conn:
        conn.execute(stmt, time_cast=time_cast, candidate=team)
except Exception as e:
    # If something goes wrong, handle the error in this section. This might
    # involve retrying or adjusting parameters depending on the situation.
    # ...

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