Set a custom location for backups

This sample sets a custom location for backups to us-central1.

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To learn how to apply or remove a Terraform configuration, see Basic Terraform commands. For more information, see the Terraform provider reference documentation.

resource "google_sql_database_instance" "default" {
  name             = "postgres-instance-with-backup-location"
  region           = "us-central1"
  database_version = "POSTGRES_14"
  settings {
    tier = "db-custom-2-7680"
    backup_configuration {
      enabled  = true
      location = "us-central1"
  # set `deletion_protection` to true, will ensure that one cannot accidentally delete this instance by
  # use of Terraform whereas `deletion_protection_enabled` flag protects this instance at the GCP level.
  deletion_protection = false

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