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Get a Google Cloud Customer Care offering

Google Cloud offers specific support services to meet specific customer needs, such as 24/7 coverage, multi-channel support, and access to subject-matter experts. Premium Support or Enhanced Support is required to purchase Sovereign Controls by Partners.

For more information, see Google Cloud Customer Care service.

Open a support case

Sovereign Controls by Partners technical support services are only available for customers who have purchased Premium Support or Enhanced Support. For questions about the Sovereign Controls by Partners product, open a support case specifying the subcomponent that is most relevant to your issue when you open a case.

Field Specification
Group Identity & Security
Component Select the appropriate category for your issue
Sub Component Select the appropriate category for your issue

To open a support case, see Support Procedures. You are responsible for ensuring that sensitive information is not shared within your Support case.

All requests for technical support services by the customer must be submitted via the Create Case option from within the Google Cloud console. When creating a support case, make sure that you have selected a project that corresponds to a project within an Sovereign Controls by Partners folder. Remember to include the Partner with which you are partnering with in the Description section of the support case. Support is provided only in English. Additional Support Services are outlined in the Google Cloud Technical Support Services Guidelines.