Enable Personalized Service Health for a project using Config Connector

This document explains how to enable a project for service health events processing using Config Connector programmatically, if you're using Kubernetes and want to use the Service Health API.

  1. Follow the prerequisites for using Config Connector.

  2. Decide on the API VERSION: v1 or v1beta.

  3. Create a file named psh-enable.yaml and copy the following snippet into it:

    apiVersion: serviceusage.cnrm.cloud.google.com/API VERSION
    kind: Service
      name: servicehealth.googleapis.com
        external: projects/PROJECT_ID
  4. Run the following command:

    kubectl apply -f psh-enable.yaml 

    The following message appears:

    service.serviceusage.cnrm.cloud.google.com/servicehealth.googleapis.com created

Personalized Service Health will take up to 24 hours to start processing service health events.