Quickstart: Set up an alert

This document explains how to set up an alert for Personalized Service Health events within the Service Health dashboard. You can set up alerts for scenarios such as new incidents or updates to existing incidents.

An alert uses an alerting policy, which describes the circumstances under which you want to be alerted and how you want to be notified.

Before you begin

Make sure you have permissions to configure log alerts.

Alerting policies require a Cloud Monitoring notification channel, which defines where an alert is sent. If you don't have a notification channel, you can create one in the Google Cloud console or using the Monitoring API.

Create an alerting policy within the Service Health dashboard

Personalized Service Health provides alert templates to help you create alerting policies without leaving the Service Health dashboard.

To create an alerting policy from the Service Health dashboard:

  1. Navigate to the Service Health dashboard.
  2. Select Create Alert Policy at the upper-right corner.
  3. Choose one of the example alert policy templates, configure proper notification channels, and select Create Policies.

To create your own alerting policy based on an existing template, you can modify one:

  1. Navigate to the Service Health dashboard.
  2. Click Create Alert Policy at the upper-right corner. The list of alert policy templates appears.
  3. Click the three dots for the template you want to modify, and choose Customize alert policy. See the example alerting policies and conditions for the fields and values you can set.
  4. Follow the prompts to edit the alert policy as needed, and click Save.

Update alerting policies

You can modify alerting policies in the Monitoring page of the Google Cloud console.

When defining alert conditions, use the values found at Google Cloud products and locations.

What's next

Learn about alternative ways to set up alerts for service health events in Cloud Logging.