Frequently asked questions

Can I limit who views which projects?
Currently, permissions for Security Command Center are at the organization level. Folder and project level permissions will be added in a future release. For more information, see Access control.
How can I export data?
You can use the API or the Google Cloud Console to export data from Security Command Center. For more information about using the Cloud Console, see Exporting Security Command Center data.
When will Security Command Center support more assets like BigQuery?
In a future release, Security Command Center will support discovery and inventory of BigQuery assets like datasets and tables. The addition of new products and resources is prioritized by customer feedback and demand.
Does Security Command Center support alerting and setting alert policies?

The Security Command Center API includes a notifications feature that sends information to a Pub/Sub topic to provide findings updates and new findings within minutes. Notifications include all of the finding information that is displayed in the Security Command Center dashboard. To get started, see Setting up finding notifications.

Security Command Center also provides an App Engine application that enables you to define custom queries for the Notifier app. You can publish your queries to a user-defined Pub/Sub topic and integrate the feed with email and SMS.

When will new features be released, and when can we expect bug fixes?
Security Command Center is in GA, so we will release regular bug fixes and functionality as available.
How fresh is the data that's displayed in the Security Command Center dashboard?
Data freshness depends on finding source and the time of the most recent asset scan. For more information, see the findings and assets display pages.