Quotas and limits

This page lists the quotas and limits that apply to Secret Manager.

These quotas apply to each Google Cloud project and are shared across all applications and IP addresses using that project.

Content limits

The Secret Manager API enforces the following usage limits for a given secret version.

Content limit Value
Payload size 64 KiB
Alias 50

Quotas on the rate of requests

The current API usage quotas for the Secret Manager API are as follows (and are subject to change):

Request quota Value
Access request 90,000 per minute per project
Read request 600 per minute per project
Write request 600 per minute per project
  • An access request is any call to the access API method.

  • A read request is any non-mutating operation (an operation that does not modify a secret version) except for access requests. Examples include listing secrets and fetching secret metadata.

  • A write request is any mutating operation (an operation that modifies or deletes a secret or secret version). Examples include creating, updating, or deleting a secret, or adding, enabling, disabling, or destroying a secret version.

Checking your quotas

To check the current quotas for resources in your project, go to the Quotas page in the Google Cloud console.

Requesting increases

To request an increase of your Secret Manager quotas, please contact your sales representative or contact Google Cloud Support.