Uninstalling the Google Cloud CLI

For installations completed using an OS package (such as apt-get or yum), uninstall gcloud CLI using the OS package manager.

For Windows installations, execute the uninstaller.exe file in your gcloud CLI directory.

To remove the gcloud CLI, follow these instructions:

  1. Locate your installation directory by running:

     gcloud info --format='value(installation.sdk_root)'

    Locate your user config directory (typically ~/.config/gcloud on MacOS and Linux) by running:

     gcloud info --format='value(config.paths.global_config_dir)'
  2. Delete both of these directories.

  3. Additionally, remove lines sourcing completion.bash.inc and path.bash.inc in your .bashrc or equivalent shell init file, if you added them during installation.

  4. Review the contents of the .boto file in your home directory and remove the sections [GoogleCompute] and [GSUtil]. In addition, review the sections [OAuth2] and [Credentials] for settings that are no longer needed.

  5. Some systems may have Cache directories such as ~/Library/Caches/ on Mac OS X. Find and delete these directories for your system:

     find ~/Library/Caches/ -type d -name "google-cloud-sdk" | xargs rm -r