Cloud Run Admin API

Deploy and manage user provided container images that scale automatically based on HTTP traffic.


The Service name is needed to create RPC client stubs.

ListLocations Lists information about the supported locations for this service.

ListAuthorizedDomains List authorized domains.

GetConfiguration Get information about a configuration.
ListConfigurations List configurations.

CreateDomainMapping Create a new domain mapping.
DeleteDomainMapping Delete a domain mapping.
GetDomainMapping Get information about a domain mapping.
ListDomainMappings List domain mappings.

DeleteRevision Delete a revision.
GetRevision Get information about a revision.
ListRevisions List revisions.

GetRoute Get information about a route.
ListRoutes List routes.

CreateService Create a service.
DeleteService Delete a service.
GetIamPolicy Get the IAM Access Control policy currently in effect for the given Cloud Run service.
GetService Get information about a service.
ListServices List services.
ReplaceService Replace a service.
SetIamPolicy Sets the IAM Access control policy for the specified Service.
TestIamPermissions Returns permissions that a caller has on the specified Project.

CreateJob Create a job.
DeleteJob Delete a job.
GetJob Get information about a job.
ListJobs List jobs.