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TaskTemplate describes the data a task should have when created from a template.

JSON representation
  "containers": [
      object (Container)
  "volumes": [
      object (Volume)
  "timeout": string,
  "serviceAccount": string,
  "executionEnvironment": enum (ExecutionEnvironment),
  "encryptionKey": string,
  "vpcAccess": {
    object (VpcAccess)

  // Union field retries can be only one of the following:
  "maxRetries": integer
  // End of list of possible types for union field retries.

object (Container)

Holds the single container that defines the unit of execution for this task.


object (Volume)

A list of Volumes to make available to containers.


string (Duration format)

Max allowed time duration the Task may be active before the system will actively try to mark it failed and kill associated containers. This applies per attempt of a task, meaning each retry can run for the full timeout. Defaults to 600 seconds.

A duration in seconds with up to nine fractional digits, ending with 's'. Example: "3.5s".



Email address of the IAM service account associated with the Task of a Job. The service account represents the identity of the running task, and determines what permissions the task has. If not provided, the task will use the project's default service account.


enum (ExecutionEnvironment)

The execution environment being used to host this Task.



A reference to a customer managed encryption key (CMEK) to use to encrypt this container image. For more information, go to https://cloud.google.com/run/docs/securing/using-cmek


object (VpcAccess)

VPC Access configuration to use for this Task. For more information, visit https://cloud.google.com/run/docs/configuring/connecting-vpc.

Union field retries.

retries can be only one of the following:



Number of retries allowed per Task, before marking this Task failed. Defaults to 3.