Known Issues for Cloud Run

This page lists known issues for Cloud Run.

You can also check for existing issues or open new issues in the public issue trackers.

Google Cloud services not yet supported

The following table lists services that are not yet supported by Cloud Run.

Service Notes
Filestore (NAS) Filestore is not Firestore, which is supported.
Web Security Scanner

High request latency with custom domains when invoking from some regions

Requests to Cloud Run services using custom domains can have a very high latency from some locations. This issue is more pronounced for Cloud Run services in asia-northeast1 and us-east4. If you observe this issue, you can achieve greater performance with Cloud Load Balancing using a serverless NEG.

HTTP/2 Push is not supported

Cloud Run supports HTTP/2, but not HTTP/2 Server Push.

Using VPC with Cloud SQL with egress settings

When using the Public IP method of connecting to Cloud SQL, you cannot use a Cloud SQL connection in Cloud Run with a serverless VPC connector that has the egress setting all-traffic.

Cloud Run-specific networking SKU IDs are not final.

After general availability, Cloud Run-specific networking SKUs may be replaced by a common GCP neworking SKU. Pricing will remain the same.

Unsupported HTTP request methods

Requests with HTTP methods TRACE and CONNECT are not supported and therefore will not be received by services running on Cloud Run.

Reserved URL paths

It is not possible to use the following URL paths:

  • Paths starting with /_ah/.
  • Some paths ending with z

Reduced availability when using 3 or less maximum instances

Revisions using a maximum number of instances of 3 or less might experience unexpected downtime.

OCI Image Format is not supported

The OCI Image Format is not supported at this time. Cloud Run only accepts container images in the Docker Image Manifest V2, Schema 1 and Schema 2 image formats.