Module Google::Cloud::Dlp::V2::MatchingType (v0.8.1)

Type of the match which can be applied to different ways of matching, like Dictionary, regular expression and intersecting with findings of another info type.



value: 0


value: 1

Full match.

  • Dictionary: join of Dictionary results matched complete finding quote
  • Regex: all regex matches fill a finding quote start to end
  • Exclude info type: completely inside affecting info types findings


value: 2

Partial match.

  • Dictionary: at least one of the tokens in the finding matches
  • Regex: substring of the finding matches
  • Exclude info type: intersects with affecting info types findings


value: 3

Inverse match.

  • Dictionary: no tokens in the finding match the dictionary
  • Regex: finding doesn't match the regex
  • Exclude info type: no intersection with affecting info types findings