Google Cloud Compute V1 API - Module Google::Cloud::Compute::V1::Subsetting::Policy (v1.4.0)

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Reference documentation and code samples for the Google Cloud Compute V1 API module Google::Cloud::Compute::V1::Subsetting::Policy.



value: 0
A value indicating that the enum field is not set.


value: 108989492
Subsetting based on consistent hashing. For Traffic Director, the number of backends per backend group (the subset size) is based on the subset_size parameter. For Internal HTTP(S) load balancing, the number of backends per backend group (the subset size) is dynamically adjusted in two cases: - As the number of proxy instances participating in Internal HTTP(S) load balancing increases, the subset size decreases. - When the total number of backends in a network exceeds the capacity of a single proxy instance, subset sizes are reduced automatically for each service that has backend subsetting enabled.


value: 2402104
No Subsetting. Clients may open connections and send traffic to all backends of this backend service. This can lead to performance issues if there is substantial imbalance in the count of clients and backends.