Module Google::Cloud::Compute::V1::NodeGroup::MaintenancePolicy (v1.2.0)

Specifies how to handle instances when a node in the group undergoes maintenance. Set to one of: DEFAULT, RESTART_IN_PLACE, or MIGRATE_WITHIN_NODE_GROUP. The default value is DEFAULT. For more information, see Maintenance policies.



value: 0
A value indicating that the enum field is not set.


value: 115302945
Allow the node and corresponding instances to retain default maintenance behavior.


value: 72964182


value: 153483394
When maintenance must be done on a node, the instances on that node will be moved to other nodes in the group. Instances with onHostMaintenance = MIGRATE will live migrate to their destinations while instances with onHostMaintenance = TERMINATE will terminate and then restart on their destination nodes if automaticRestart = true.


value: 228647325
Instances in this group will restart on the same node when maintenance has completed. Instances must have onHostMaintenance = TERMINATE, and they will only restart if automaticRestart = true.