Module Google::Cloud::Compute::V1::SslPolicy::Profile (v1.1.0)

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Profile specifies the set of SSL features that can be used by the load balancer when negotiating SSL with clients. This can be one of COMPATIBLE, MODERN, RESTRICTED, or CUSTOM. If using CUSTOM, the set of SSL features to enable must be specified in the customFeatures field.



value: 0
A value indicating that the enum field is not set.


value: 179357396
Compatible profile. Allows the broadset set of clients, even those which support only out-of-date SSL features to negotiate with the load balancer.


value: 388595569
Custom profile. Allow only the set of allowed SSL features specified in the customFeatures field.


value: 132013855
Modern profile. Supports a wide set of SSL features, allowing modern clients to negotiate SSL with the load balancer.


value: 261551195
Restricted profile. Supports a reduced set of SSL features, intended to meet stricter compliance requirements.