Module Google::Cloud::Compute::V1::PerInstanceConfig::Status (v1.0.0)

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The status of applying this per-instance config on the corresponding managed instance.



value: 0
A value indicating that the enum field is not set.


value: 352003508
The per-instance config is being applied to the instance, but is not yet effective, possibly waiting for the instance to, for example, REFRESH.


value: 528602024
The per-instance config deletion is being applied on the instance, possibly waiting for the instance to, for example, REFRESH.


value: 244201863
The per-instance config is effective on the instance, meaning that all disks, ips and metadata specified in this config are attached or set on the instance.


value: 2402104
[Default] The default status, when no per-instance config exists.


value: 483935140
The per-instance config is set on an instance but not been applied yet.


value: 313956873
The per-instance config has been deleted, but the deletion is not yet applied.