Vertex AI V1 API - Class Google::Cloud::AIPlatform::V1::Explanation (v0.6.0)

Reference documentation and code samples for the Vertex AI V1 API class Google::Cloud::AIPlatform::V1::Explanation.

Explanation of a prediction (provided in PredictResponse.predictions) produced by the Model on a given instance.


  • Object

Extended By

  • Google::Protobuf::MessageExts::ClassMethods


  • Google::Protobuf::MessageExts



def attributions() -> ::Array<::Google::Cloud::AIPlatform::V1::Attribution>
  • (::Array<::Google::Cloud::AIPlatform::V1::Attribution>) — Output only. Feature attributions grouped by predicted outputs.

    For Models that predict only one output, such as regression Models that predict only one score, there is only one attibution that explains the predicted output. For Models that predict multiple outputs, such as multiclass Models that predict multiple classes, each element explains one specific item. Attribution.output_index can be used to identify which output this attribution is explaining.

    If users set ExplanationParameters.top_k, the attributions are sorted by [instance_output_value][Attributions.instance_output_value] in descending order. If ExplanationParameters.output_indices is specified, the attributions are stored by Attribution.output_index in the same order as they appear in the output_indices.


def neighbors() -> ::Array<::Google::Cloud::AIPlatform::V1::Neighbor>
  • (::Array<::Google::Cloud::AIPlatform::V1::Neighbor>) — Output only. List of the nearest neighbors for example-based explanations.

    For models deployed with the examples explanations feature enabled, the attributions field is empty and instead the neighbors field is populated.