Viewing metrics

Cloud Router publishes metrics to Stackdriver monitoring. See Metrics List for a list of metrics published for Cloud Router.

Viewing metrics via the API

You can access these metrics via the API Explorer.

Viewing metrics via Stackdriver dashboards

You can also create custom dashboard in Stackdriver using these metrics.

To create a custom dashboard in Stackdriver, do the following:

  1. Go to the Create Dashboard in the Google Cloud Platform Console.
    Go to the Create Dashboard page
  2. Replace Untitled Dashboard with an appropriate name.
  3. Click Add chart.
  4. In the Find resource type and metric field, add Cloud Router as a resource and then a Cloud Router metric.
  5. Change the chart Title or use the suggested title.
  6. Use the Filter controls to restrict the view to only certain routers or sessions.
  7. To add another metric, click Add metric.
  8. Click Save to add the chart to your dashboard.

Some metrics are for the Cloud Router and some metrics are for a BGP session on a given Cloud Router. Cloud Router metrics are shown by router-name while BGP sessions metrics are shown as router-name(bgp-name).

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