Quotas and limits

Charged quota

Recommender API pricing controls how much read and write quota is provided to individual resources. To support different pricing options, the read and write quota is broken down per recommender.

Depending on the resource from which the call is made, the following quotas apply:

Resource Charged quota
Project Resource project's organization
Organization Resource organization
Folder Resource organization
Billing Account Client project's organization

API request quota types

Calls to the Recommender API are charged according to the following quota types:

Method Quota type
ListInsights Read
GetInsight Read
MarkInsightAccepted Write
ListRecommendations Read
GetRecommendation Read
MarkRecommendationClaimed Write
MarkRecommendationSucceeded Write
MarkRecommendationFailed Write

When the Recommender API is called, you are eligible for the following quotas:

  • Free tier quota if you have not purchased a support package, or have only a basic role-based support.
  • Full quota if you have purchased a support package other than a basic role-based support.

Quota level Reads per minute Reads per day Writes per minute Writes per day
Free tier quota 100 per organization 100 per organization 100 per organization 100 per organization
Full quota 6,000 per organization 1,000,000 per organization 3,000 per organization 100,000 per organization

When the quota above is exceeded, you get the HTTP status code 429 RESOURCE_EXHAUSTED.

Viewing quotas and limits

View the quotas and limits for an organization using the following steps.


  1. In the Google Cloud console, go to the IAM page for your organization.
  2. Go to the IAM page
  3. To view all quotas, click Quotas.
  4. To view the quotas and limits for a service, click All Quotas.


To view the quotas and limits for an organization, use the services quota list command:

    gcloud alpha services quota list --consumer=CONSUMER --service=SERVICE
Replace the following:
  • CONSUMER: the organization/<your organization ID> in which you want to view the quotas and limits for.
  • SERVICE: specify the ID of the service, recommender.googleapis.com.