Class Landmark (3.7.1)

Landmark(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

A face-specific landmark (for example, a face feature).


Face landmark type.
Face landmark position.




Face landmark (feature) type. Left and right are defined from the vantage of the viewer of the image without considering mirror projections typical of photos. So, LEFT_EYE, typically, is the person's right eye.

Values: UNKNOWN_LANDMARK (0): Unknown face landmark detected. Should not be filled. LEFT_EYE (1): Left eye. RIGHT_EYE (2): Right eye. LEFT_OF_LEFT_EYEBROW (3): Left of left eyebrow. RIGHT_OF_LEFT_EYEBROW (4): Right of left eyebrow. LEFT_OF_RIGHT_EYEBROW (5): Left of right eyebrow. RIGHT_OF_RIGHT_EYEBROW (6): Right of right eyebrow. MIDPOINT_BETWEEN_EYES (7): Midpoint between eyes. NOSE_TIP (8): Nose tip. UPPER_LIP (9): Upper lip. LOWER_LIP (10): Lower lip. MOUTH_LEFT (11): Mouth left. MOUTH_RIGHT (12): Mouth right. MOUTH_CENTER (13): Mouth center. NOSE_BOTTOM_RIGHT (14): Nose, bottom right. NOSE_BOTTOM_LEFT (15): Nose, bottom left. NOSE_BOTTOM_CENTER (16): Nose, bottom center. LEFT_EYE_TOP_BOUNDARY (17): Left eye, top boundary. LEFT_EYE_RIGHT_CORNER (18): Left eye, right corner. LEFT_EYE_BOTTOM_BOUNDARY (19): Left eye, bottom boundary. LEFT_EYE_LEFT_CORNER (20): Left eye, left corner. RIGHT_EYE_TOP_BOUNDARY (21): Right eye, top boundary. RIGHT_EYE_RIGHT_CORNER (22): Right eye, right corner. RIGHT_EYE_BOTTOM_BOUNDARY (23): Right eye, bottom boundary. RIGHT_EYE_LEFT_CORNER (24): Right eye, left corner. LEFT_EYEBROW_UPPER_MIDPOINT (25): Left eyebrow, upper midpoint. RIGHT_EYEBROW_UPPER_MIDPOINT (26): Right eyebrow, upper midpoint. LEFT_EAR_TRAGION (27): Left ear tragion. RIGHT_EAR_TRAGION (28): Right ear tragion. LEFT_EYE_PUPIL (29): Left eye pupil. RIGHT_EYE_PUPIL (30): Right eye pupil. FOREHEAD_GLABELLA (31): Forehead glabella. CHIN_GNATHION (32): Chin gnathion. CHIN_LEFT_GONION (33): Chin left gonion. CHIN_RIGHT_GONION (34): Chin right gonion.