Class FaceAnnotation (3.4.4)

FaceAnnotation(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

A face annotation object contains the results of face detection.


The bounding polygon around the face. The coordinates of the bounding box are in the original image's scale, as returned in ImageParams. The bounding box is computed to "frame" the face in accordance with human expectations. It is based on the landmarker results. Note that one or more x and/or y coordinates may not be generated in the BoundingPoly (the polygon will be unbounded) if only a partial face appears in the image to be annotated.
The fd_bounding_poly bounding polygon is tighter than the boundingPoly, and encloses only the skin part of the face. Typically, it is used to eliminate the face from any image analysis that detects the "amount of skin" visible in an image. It is not based on the