Class ProductSearchParams (3.6.0)

ProductSearchParams(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Parameters for a product search request.


The bounding polygon around the area of interest in the image. If it is not specified, system discretion will be applied.
product_set str
The resource name of a ProductSet to be searched for similar images. Format is: projects/PROJECT_ID/locations/LOC_ID/productSets/PRODUCT_SET_ID.
product_categories MutableSequence[str]
The list of product categories to search in. Currently, we only consider the first category, and either "homegoods-v2", "apparel-v2", "toys-v2", "packagedgoods-v1", or "general-v1" should be specified. The legacy categories "homegoods", "apparel", and "toys" are still supported but will be deprecated. For new products, please use "homegoods-v2", "apparel-v2", or "toys-v2" for better product search accuracy. It is recommended to migrate existing products to these categories as well.
filter str
The filtering expression. This can be used to restrict search results based on Product labels. We currently support an AND of OR of key-value expressions, where each expression within an OR must have the same key. An '=' should be used to connect the key and value. For example, "(color = red OR color = blue) AND brand = Google" is acceptable, but "(color = red OR brand = Google)" is not acceptable. "color: red" is not acceptable because it uses a ':' instead of an '='.