Class ImportProductSetsGcsSource (2.4.4)

ImportProductSetsGcsSource(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

The Google Cloud Storage location for a csv file which preserves a list of ImportProductSetRequests in each line.


csv_file_uri str
The Google Cloud Storage URI of the input csv file. The URI must start with gs://. The format of the input csv file should be one image per line. In each line, there are 6 columns. 1. image_uri 2, image_id 2. product_set_id 3. product_id 5, product_category 6, product_display_name 7, labels 4. bounding_poly Columns 1, 3, 4, and 5 are required, other columns are optional. A new ProductSet/Product with the same id will be created on the fly if the ProductSet/Product specified by product_set_id/product_id does not exist. The image_id field is optional but has to be unique if provided. If it is empty, we will automatically assign an unique id to the image. The product_display_name field is optional. If it is empty, a space (" ") is used as the place holder for the product display_name, which can be updated later through the realtime API. If the Product with product_id already exists, the fields product_display_name, product_category and labels are ignored. If a Product doesn't exist and needs to be created on the fly, the product_display_name field refers to Product.display_name, the product_category field refers to Product.product_category, and the labels field refers to [Product.labels][]. Labels (optional) should be a line containing a list of comma-separated key-value pairs, with the format "key_1=value_1,key_2=value_2,...,key_n=value_n". The bounding_poly (optional) field is used to identify one region of interest from the image in the same manner as CreateReferenceImage. If no bounding_poly is specified, the system will try to detect regions of interest automatically. Note that the pipeline will resize the image if the image resolution is too large to process (above 20MP). Also note that at most one bounding_poly is allowed per line. If the image contains multiple regions of interest, the csv should contain one line per region of interest. The bounding_poly column should contain an even number of comma-separated numbers, with the format "p1_x,p1_y,p2_x,p2_y,...,pn_x,pn_y". Nonnegative integers should be used for absolute bounding polygons, and float values in [0, 1] should be used for normalized bounding polygons.