Package vision_v1p3beta1 (1.0.1)

API documentation for vision_v1p3beta1 package.



Service that performs Google Cloud Vision API detection tasks over client images, such as face, landmark, logo, label, and text detection. The ImageAnnotator service returns detected entities from the images.


Manages Products and ProductSets of reference images for use in product search. It uses the following resource model:

  • The API has a collection of ProductSet resources, named projects/*/locations/*/productSets/*, which acts as a way to put different products into groups to limit identification.

In parallel,

  • The API has a collection of Product resources, named projects/*/locations/*/products/*

  • Each Product has a collection of ReferenceImage resources, named projects/*/locations/*/products/*/referenceImages/*



API documentation for vision_v1p3beta1.types module.