Class ListCompaniesRequest (2.9.1)

ListCompaniesRequest(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

List companies for which the client has ACL visibility.


parent str
Required. Resource name of the tenant under which the company is created. The format is "projects/{project_id}/tenants/{tenant_id}", for example, "projects/foo/tenant/bar". If tenant id is unspecified, the default tenant will be used, for example, "projects/foo".
page_token str
The starting indicator from which to return results.
page_size int
The maximum number of companies to be returned, at most 100. Default is 100 if a non-positive number is provided.
require_open_jobs bool
Set to true if the companies requested must have open jobs. Defaults to false. If true, at most page_size of companies are fetched, among which only those with open jobs are returned.