Class StorageClass (1.10.0)


Options for handling Google Cloud Storage object storage class.

Values: STORAGE_CLASS_UNSPECIFIED (0): Storage class behavior is unspecified. STORAGE_CLASS_DESTINATION_BUCKET_DEFAULT (1): Use the destination bucket's default storage class. STORAGE_CLASS_PRESERVE (2): Preserve the object's original storage class. This is only supported for transfers from Google Cloud Storage buckets. REGIONAL and MULTI_REGIONAL storage classes will be mapped to STANDARD to ensure they can be written to the destination bucket. STORAGE_CLASS_STANDARD (3): Set the storage class to STANDARD. STORAGE_CLASS_NEARLINE (4): Set the storage class to NEARLINE. STORAGE_CLASS_COLDLINE (5): Set the storage class to COLDLINE. STORAGE_CLASS_ARCHIVE (6): Set the storage class to ARCHIVE.