Class ListServiceRolloutsRequest (1.0.4)

ListServiceRolloutsRequest(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Request message for 'ListServiceRollouts' .. attribute:: service_name

Required. The name of the service. See the overview <>__ for naming requirements. For example:

:type: str


page_token str
The token of the page to retrieve.
page_size int
The max number of items to include in the response list. Page size is 50 if not specified. Maximum value is 100.
filter str
Required. Use filter to return subset of rollouts. The following filters are supported: -- To limit the results to only those in status (google.api.servicemanagement.v1.RolloutStatus) 'SUCCESS', use filter='status=SUCCESS' -- To limit the results to those in status (google.api.servicemanagement.v1.RolloutStatus) 'CANCELLED' or 'FAILED', use filter='status=CANCELLED OR status=FAILED'