Class PeriodicTuningState (1.21.0)


Describes whether periodic tuning is enabled for this model or not. Periodic tuning is scheduled at most every three months. You can start a tuning process manually by using the TuneModel method, which starts a tuning process immediately and resets the quarterly schedule. Enabling or disabling periodic tuning does not affect any current tuning processes.


Name Description
PERIODIC_TUNING_STATE_UNSPECIFIED Unspecified default value, should never be explicitly set.
PERIODIC_TUNING_DISABLED The model has periodic tuning disabled. Tuning can be reenabled by calling the `EnableModelPeriodicTuning` method or by calling the `TuneModel` method.
ALL_TUNING_DISABLED The model cannot be tuned with periodic tuning OR the `TuneModel` method. Hide the options in customer UI and reject any requests through the backend self serve API.
PERIODIC_TUNING_ENABLED The model has periodic tuning enabled. Tuning can be disabled by calling the `DisableModelPeriodicTuning` method.