Class SetDefaultBranchRequest (1.10.2)

SetDefaultBranchRequest(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Request message to set a specified branch as new default_branch.


catalog str
Full resource name of the catalog, such as projects/*/locations/global/catalogs/default_catalog.
branch_id str
The final component of the resource name of a branch. This field must be one of "0", "1" or "2". Otherwise, an INVALID_ARGUMENT error is returned. If there are no sufficient active products in the targeted branch and force is not set, a FAILED_PRECONDITION error is returned.
note str
Some note on this request, this can be retrieved by CatalogService.GetDefaultBranch before next valid default branch set occurs. This field must be a UTF-8 encoded string with a length limit of 1,000 characters. Otherwise, an INVALID_ARGUMENT error is returned.
force bool
If set to true, it permits switching to a branch with branch_id even if it has no sufficient active products.