Class ListRecommendationsRequest (2.0.0)

ListRecommendationsRequest(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Request for the ListRecommendations method.


parent str
Required. The container resource on which to execute the request. Acceptable formats: 1. "projects/[PROJECT_NUMBER]/locations/[LOCATION]/recommenders/[RECOMMENDER_ID]", LOCATION here refers to GCP Locations:
page_size int
Optional. The maximum number of results to return from this request. Non-positive values are ignored. If not specified, the server will determine the number of results to return.
page_token str
Optional. If present, retrieves the next batch of results from the preceding call to this method. page_token must be the value of next_page_token from the previous response. The values of other method parameters must be identical to those in the previous call.
filter str
Filter expression to restrict the recommendations returned. Supported filter fields: state_info.state Eg: \`state_info.state:"DISMISSED" or state_info.state:"FAILED".