Class State (2.21.1)


Possible states for ingestion from Amazon Kinesis Data Streams.

Values: STATE_UNSPECIFIED (0): Default value. This value is unused. ACTIVE (1): Ingestion is active. KINESIS_PERMISSION_DENIED (2): Permission denied encountered while consuming data from Kinesis. This can happen if:

    -  The provided `aws_role_arn` does not exist or does not
       have the appropriate permissions attached.
    -  The provided `aws_role_arn` is not set up properly for
       Identity Federation using `gcp_service_account`.
    -  The Pub/Sub SA is not granted the
       `iam.serviceAccounts.getOpenIdToken` permission on
    Permission denied encountered while publishing to the topic.
    This can happen if the Pub/Sub SA has not been granted the
    `appropriate publish
    permissions <>`__
    The Kinesis stream does not exist.
    The Kinesis consumer does not exist.