Class AwsKinesis (2.21.1)

AwsKinesis(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Ingestion settings for Amazon Kinesis Data Streams.


state :noindex: google.pubsub_v1.types.IngestionDataSourceSettings.AwsKinesis.State
Output only. An output-only field that indicates the state of the Kinesis ingestion source.
stream_arn :noindex: str
Required. The Kinesis stream ARN to ingest data from.
consumer_arn :noindex: str
Required. The Kinesis consumer ARN to used for ingestion in Enhanced Fan-Out mode. The consumer must be already created and ready to be used.
aws_role_arn :noindex: str
Required. AWS role ARN to be used for Federated Identity authentication with Kinesis. Check the Pub/Sub docs for how to set up this role and the required permissions that need to be attached to it.
gcp_service_account :noindex: str
Required. The GCP service account to be used for Federated Identity authentication with Kinesis (via a AssumeRoleWithWebIdentity call for the provided role). The aws_role_arn must be set up with equals to this service account number.




Possible states for ingestion from Amazon Kinesis Data Streams.

Values: STATE_UNSPECIFIED (0): Default value. This value is unused. ACTIVE (1): Ingestion is active. KINESIS_PERMISSION_DENIED (2): Permission denied encountered while consuming data from Kinesis. This can happen if:

    -  The provided `aws_role_arn` does not exist or does not
       have the appropriate permissions attached.
    -  The provided `aws_role_arn` is not set up properly for
       Identity Federation using `gcp_service_account`.
    -  The Pub/Sub SA is not granted the
       `iam.serviceAccounts.getOpenIdToken` permission on
    Permission denied encountered while publishing to the topic.
    This can happen if the Pub/Sub SA has not been granted the
    `appropriate publish
    permissions <>`__
    The Kinesis stream does not exist.
    The Kinesis consumer does not exist.