Class EffectiveTag (0.1.4)

EffectiveTag(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

A tag that applies to a resource during policy evaluation. Tags can be either directly bound to a resource or inherited from its ancestor. EffectiveTag contains the name and namespaced_name of the tag value and tag key, with additional fields of inherited to indicate the inheritance status of the effective tag.


tag_value str
Output only. Resource name for TagValue in the format tagValues/456.
namespaced_tag_value str
Output only. The namespaced name of the TagValue. Can be in the form {organization_id}/{tag_key_short_name}/{tag_value_short_name} or {project_id}/{tag_key_short_name}/{tag_value_short_name} or {project_number}/{tag_key_short_name}/{tag_value_short_name}.
tag_key str
Output only. The name of the TagKey, in the format tagKeys/{id}, such as tagKeys/123.
namespaced_tag_key str
Output only. The namespaced name of the TagKey. Can be in the form {organization_id}/{tag_key_short_name} or {project_id}/{tag_key_short_name} or {project_number}/{tag_key_short_name}.
tag_key_parent_name str
The parent name of the tag key. Must be in the format organizations/{organization_id} or projects/{project_number}
inherited bool
Output only. Indicates the inheritance status of a tag value attached to the given resource. If the tag value is inherited from one of the resource's ancestors, inherited will be true. If false, then the tag value is directly attached to the resource, inherited will be false.