Class Cause (1.9.1)


Drop cause types:

Values: CAUSE_UNSPECIFIED (0): Cause is unspecified. UNKNOWN_EXTERNAL_ADDRESS (1): Destination external address cannot be resolved to a known target. If the address is used in a Google Cloud project, provide the project ID as test input. FOREIGN_IP_DISALLOWED (2): A Compute Engine instance can only send or receive a packet with a foreign IP address if ip_forward is enabled. FIREWALL_RULE (3): Dropped due to a firewall rule, unless allowed due to connection tracking. NO_ROUTE (4): Dropped due to no routes. ROUTE_BLACKHOLE (5): Dropped due to invalid route. Route's next hop is a blackhole. ROUTE_WRONG_NETWORK (6): Packet is sent to a wrong (unintended) network. Example: you trace a packet from VM1:Network1 to VM2:Network2, however, the route configured in Network1 sends the packet destined for VM2's IP addresss to Network3. PRIVATE_TRAFFIC_TO_INTERNET (7): Packet with internal destination address sent to the internet gateway. PRIVATE_GOOGLE_ACCESS_DISALLOWED (8): Instance with only an internal IP address tries to access Google API and services, but private Google access is not enabled. NO_EXTERNAL_ADDRESS (9): Instance with only an internal IP address tries to access external hosts, but Cloud NAT is not enabled in the subnet, unless special configurations on a VM allow this connection. UNKNOWN_INTERNAL_ADDRESS (10): Destination internal address cannot be resolved to a known target. If this is a shared VPC scenario, verify if the service project ID is provided as test input. Otherwise, verify if the IP address is being used in the project. FORWARDING_RULE_MISMATCH (11): Forwarding rule's protocol and ports do not match the packet header. FORWARDING_RULE_NO_INSTANCES (12): Forwarding rule does not have backends configured. FIREWALL_BLOCKING_LOAD_BALANCER_BACKEND_HEALTH_CHECK (13): Firewalls block the health check probes to the backends and cause the backends to be unavailable for traffic from the load balancer. For more details, see Health check firewall rules <>. INSTANCE_NOT_RUNNING (14): Packet is sent from or to a Compute Engine instance that is not in a running state. TRAFFIC_TYPE_BLOCKED (15): The type of traffic is blocked and the user cannot configure a firewall rule to enable it. See Always blocked traffic <> for more details. GKE_MASTER_UNAUTHORIZED_ACCESS (16): Access to Google Kubernetes Engine cluster master's endpoint is not authorized. See Access to the cluster endpoints <> for more details. CLOUD_SQL_INSTANCE_UNAUTHORIZED_ACCESS (17): Access to the Cloud SQL instance endpoint is not authorized. See Authorizing with authorized networks <> for more details. DROPPED_INSIDE_GKE_SERVICE (18): Packet was dropped inside Google Kubernetes Engine Service. DROPPED_INSIDE_CLOUD_SQL_SERVICE (19): Packet was dropped inside Cloud SQL Service. GOOGLE_MANAGED_SERVICE_NO_PEERING (20): Packet was dropped because there is no peering between the originating network and the Google Managed Services Network. CLOUD_SQL_INSTANCE_NO_IP_ADDRESS (21): Packet was dropped because the Cloud SQL instance has neither a private nor a public IP address.