Class ListRegistrationsRequest (1.4.1)

ListRegistrationsRequest(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Request for the ListRegistrations method.


parent str
Required. The project and location from which to list Registration\ s, specified in the format projects/*/locations/*.
page_size int
Maximum number of results to return.
page_token str
When set to the next_page_token from a prior response, provides the next page of results.
filter str
Filter expression to restrict the Registration\ s returned. The expression must specify the field name, a comparison operator, and the value that you want to use for filtering. The value must be a string, a number, a boolean, or an enum value. The comparison operator should be one of =, !=, >, <,>=, <=, or="" :="" for="" prefix="" or="" wildcard="" matches.="" for="" example,="" to="" filter="" to="" a="" specific="" domain="" name,="" use="" an="" expression="" like="">domainName="". You can also check for the existence of a field; for example, to find domains using custom DNS settings, use an expression like dnsSettings.customDns:*. You can also create compound filters by combining expressions with the AND and OR operators. For example, to find domains that are suspended or have specific issues flagged, use an expression like (state=SUSPENDED) OR (issue:*).