Class InstanceGroupConfig (5.0.0)

InstanceGroupConfig(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

The config settings for Compute Engine resources in an instance group, such as a master or worker group.


num_instances int
Optional. The number of VM instances in the instance group. For `HA cluster `__ `master_config <#fields.master_config>`__ groups, **must be set to 3**. For standard cluster `master_config <#fields.master_config>`__ groups, **must be set to 1**.
instance_names Sequence[str]
Output only. The list of instance names. Dataproc derives the names from ``cluster_name``, ``num_instances``, and the instance group.
image_uri str
Optional. The Compute Engine image resource used for cluster instances. The URI can represent an image or image family. Image examples: - ``[project_id]/global/images/[image-id]`` - ``projects/[project_id]/global/images/[image-id]`` - ``image-id`` Image family examples. Dataproc will use the most recent image from the family: - ``[project_id]/global/images/family/[custom-image-family-name]`` - ``projects/[project_id]/global/images/family/[custom-image-family-name]`` If the URI is unspecified, it will be inferred from ``SoftwareConfig.image_version`` or the system default.
machine_type_uri str
Optional. The Compute Engine machine type used for cluster instances. A full URL, partial URI, or short name are valid. Examples: - ``[project_id]/zones/us-east1-a/machineTypes/n1-standard-2`` - ``projects/[project_id]/zones/us-east1-a/machineTypes/n1-standard-2`` - ``n1-standard-2`` **Auto Zone Exception**: If you are using the Dataproc `Auto Zone Placement
Optional. Disk option config settings.
is_preemptible bool
Output only. Specifies that this instance group contains preemptible instances.
Optional. Specifies the preemptibility of the instance group. The default value for master and worker groups is ``NON_PREEMPTIBLE``. This default cannot be changed. The default value for secondary instances is ``PREEMPTIBLE``.
Output only. The config for Compute Engine Instance Group Manager that manages this group. This is only used for preemptible instance groups.
accelerators Sequence[]
Optional. The Compute Engine accelerator configuration for these instances.
min_cpu_platform str
Optional. Specifies the minimum cpu platform for the Instance Group. See `Dataproc -> Minimum CPU Platform


builtins.object > proto.message.Message > InstanceGroupConfig




Controls the use of preemptible instances within the group.