Class ListEvaluationJobsRequest (1.4.0)

ListEvaluationJobsRequest(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Request message for ListEvaluationJobs.


parent str
Required. Evaluation job resource parent. Format: "projects/{project_id}".
filter str
Optional. You can filter the jobs to list by model_id (also known as model_name, as described in EvaluationJob.modelVersion) or by evaluation job state (as described in EvaluationJob.state). To filter by both criteria, use the AND operator or the OR operator. For example, you can use the following string for your filter: "evaluation\ *job.model_id = {model_name} AND evaluation*\ job.state = {evaluation_job_state}".
page_size int
Optional. Requested page size. Server may return fewer results than requested. Default value is 100.
page_token str
Optional. A token identifying a page of results for the server to return. Typically obtained by the nextPageToken in the response to the previous request. The request returns the first page if this is empty.