Class ScheduledExecutionRecord (0.5.9)

ScheduledExecutionRecord(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

A record of an attempt to create a workflow invocation for this workflow config.

This message has oneof_ fields (mutually exclusive fields). For each oneof, at most one member field can be set at the same time. Setting any member of the oneof automatically clears all other members.

.. _oneof:


execution_time google.protobuf.timestamp_pb2.Timestamp
The timestamp of this execution attempt.
workflow_invocation str
The name of the created workflow invocation, if one was successfully created. Must be in the format projects/*/locations/*/repositories/*/workflowInvocations/*. This field is a member of oneof_ result.
error_status google.rpc.status_pb2.Status
The error status encountered upon this attempt to create the workflow invocation, if the attempt was unsuccessful. This field is a member of oneof_ result.