Class Cluster (2.11.2)

Cluster(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

A Google Kubernetes Engine cluster.


name str
The name of this cluster. The name must be unique within this project and location (e.g. zone or region), and can be up to 40 characters with the following restrictions: - Lowercase letters, numbers, and hyphens only. - Must start with a letter. - Must end with a number or a letter.
description str
An optional description of this cluster.
initial_node_count int
The number of nodes to create in this cluster. You must ensure that your Compute Engine `resource quota
Parameters used in creating the cluster's nodes. For requests, this field should only be used in lieu of a "node_pool" object, since this configuration (along with the "initial_node_count") will be used to create a "NodePool" object with an auto-generated name. Do not use this and a node_pool at the same time. For responses, this field will be populated with the node configuration of the first node pool. (For configuration of each node pool, see node_pool.config) If unspecified, the defaults are used. This field is deprecated, use node_pool.config instead.