Class NodePool (2.11.2)

NodePool(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

NodePool contains the name and configuration for a cluster's node pool. Node pools are a set of nodes (i.e. VM's), with a common configuration and specification, under the control of the cluster master. They may have a set of Kubernetes labels applied to them, which may be used to reference them during pod scheduling. They may also be resized up or down, to accommodate the workload.


name str
The name of the node pool.
The node configuration of the pool.
initial_node_count int
The initial node count for the pool. You must ensure that your Compute Engine `resource quota
locations Sequence[str]
The list of Google Compute Engine zones __ in which the NodePool's nodes should be located. If this value is unspecified during node pool creation, the Cluster.Locations __ value will be used, instead. Warning: changing node pool locations will result in nodes being added and/or removed.
Networking configuration for this NodePool. If specified, it overrides the cluster-level defaults.
self_link str
[Output only] Server-defined URL for the resource.
version str
The version of the Kubernetes of this node.
instance_group_urls Sequence[str]
[Output only] The resource URLs of the `managed instance groups
[Output only] The status of the nodes in this pool instance.
status_message str
[Output only] Deprecated. Use conditions instead. Additional information about the current status of this node pool instance, if available.