Class ListChannelPartnerRepricingConfigsRequest (1.18.3)

    mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs

Request message for CloudChannelService.ListChannelPartnerRepricingConfigs.


parent str
Required. The resource name of the account's ChannelPartnerLink. Parent uses the format: accounts/{account_id}/channelPartnerLinks/{channel_partner_id}. Supports accounts/{account_id}/channelPartnerLinks/- to retrieve configs for all channel partners.
page_size int
Optional. The maximum number of repricing configs to return. The service may return fewer than this value. If unspecified, returns a maximum of 50 rules. The maximum value is 100; values above 100 will be coerced to 100.
page_token str
Optional. A token identifying a page of results beyond the first page. Obtained through ListChannelPartnerRepricingConfigsResponse.next_page_token of the previous CloudChannelService.ListChannelPartnerRepricingConfigs call.
filter str
Optional. A filter for [CloudChannelService.ListChannelPartnerRepricingConfigs] results (channel_partner_link only). You can use this filter when you support a BatchGet-like query. To use the filter, you must set parent=accounts/{account_id}/channelPartnerLinks/-. Example: channel_partner_link = accounts/account_id/channelPartnerLinks/c1 OR channel_partner_link = accounts/account_id/channelPartnerLinks/c2.